Prefer to read along? Wondering how to spell Limon, Thorne, or solanaceous?  Curious about the secret codes we have embedded in the text? We can help.


Episode 1: the letters


Episode 2: REALLY RED


Episode 3: The man in the street


Episode 4: Datura


Episode 4.5: The message


Episode 5: Fairy Hill


Episode 6: Vanished


Episode 7: King in the Labyrinth


Episode 8: The Freeze


Episode 8.5: Letter from Juniper


Episode 9: Crossed Wires


Episode 10: Home Again


Episode 11: Pilgrimage


Episode 12: Asterion


Episode 13: Thomas


Episode 14: Legacy


Episode 15: Killing the Moon


Episode 16: Underworld


EPISODE 17: Orientation


Episode 18: Unusual Hungers


Episode 19: La Peregrinación


Episode 20: Acting Out


Episode 21: The Mansion of the Lady of Abundance


Episode 22: Eternal Return


Episode 23: Bull in the Maze


Episode 24: Coalescence


Episode 25: Chimera


Episode 26: Danse Macabre




Episode 28: Matryoshka


Episode 29: Aurora Silver is Willing to Wait


Episode 30: The Consort


Episode 31: The King Speaks


Episode 32: Temporal Snake


Infinity Mirror, Part One: Tressa


Infinity Mirror, part two: From the Walls


Infinity Mirror, Part Three: You and Me and the Devil Makes Three


Infinity Mirror, Part Four: Invocation


Infinity Mirror, Part Five: Remember the Mourning Dove


Episode 33: Primogeniture


Episode 34: Reactionary Politics


Episode 35: Delirium


Episode 36: Rendering


Episode 37: Pas de DeuX


Episode 38: Revelation


episode 39: reverie


Episode 40: The Deterritorialization of Time