Ghost Flower

Liliana Cruz

You were something beautiful unattainable infuriating.
something i could only see in my thoughts and dreams
But you were always there something i was not able to fully see.
you my ghost flower.
I planted a seed of you in my mind and you grew into garden.
Enthralling me completely.
In your sights
In the thought of you.
Who was i before i spoke your name i do not know
but the thought of seeing you feeling you being near you consumes me
Now had i known how easy it could have been.
With just the right mixture.
like a ghost flower and rain to see the full infuriating beauty that is you
now that i have seen you there's nothing you can do will make me leave you.
Now we are intertwined like two flowers planted too close together weaving in and out of each other.
Where we were always meant to be.