Mabel, Episode 9: Crossed Wires. In which [garbled]


MABEL: Hi, you’ve reached Mabel Martin. I’m not here to take your call right now, so please leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you soon as I can. Thanks!


CLARA: Nola, answer your phone. Answer your phone. Nola! Ugh, I hate you.


CLARA: Okay, number one, you promised you would come over tonight. Do you remember making that promise? Do you remember saying even if Michael Carter turns up on my doorstep with a basket full of vodka, brownie mix, Adderal and condoms? Because I remember that, Nola. I remember those exact words coming out of your mouth.

Yeah, and, number two, I’m like. Actively losing it over here, or something. You know that big old house up at the top of the hill, the Martin place? I keep seeing these, like, creepy lights coming from the top windows. Which is, whatever, lights, right? Only I know the old lady who lives there is in the

hospital right now, Mom ran into some friend of hers who said so. She’s been in the hospital for a week, it’s not looking good for her, apparently. So, I mean, who the [censored] is turning the lights on and off in the old lady’s attic? Like, does your brain not go straight to ghosts? So I spent like three hours thinking about that, and basically creeped the [censored] out of myself, which is why, Nola, okay, if you remember, I wanted you to come over in the first place, you bitch, because I get creeped out when I’m at my mom’s house on my own. So maybe, if it’s not too much trouble, could you just answer your stupid phone.


MONA: Hey, will you call me when you get this?


MONA: Anna, Mom’s starting to worry. I need you to call her, please.


MONA: Am I pressing the wrong button or something? Patrick? Patrick, would you come look at this thing for –


MONA: Anna, it’s been four days. Mom’s worrying, I’m starting to worry. I’m hoping you just forgot to pay your cell phone bill again, but – just – call me, please?


MONA: Anna?


LAUREN: Mabel! This is my new number, it’s Lauren!

JUSTINE: Hey, Mabel!

LAUREN: Justine’s here too, she says hi. We’re back in town for Takao’s wedding, and – no one’s heard from you! Sukie says you didn’t RSVP, you haven’t been on the group chat, you haven’t been on Facebook or Twitter or anything, it’s – we want to make sure you’re okay, we miss you!

JUSTINE: Tell her Korina’s coming to the wedding.

LAUREN: I’m not going to – you are such a brat. We’ll be in town all week, so give us a call, okay? We’d love to go for a coffee and catch up, even if – call us, yeah?

JUSTINE: Tell her Korina said –

LAUREN: Oh my god, you are so –


CLARA: Pick up your phone, Nola! Oh my god, you actual caveperson, I am going to –

Look, I’m serious right now. I’m so [censored] pissed at you. This isn’t funny anymore, I am genuinely scared. I went to let Muffins out, and there’s this – it’s like music, but like music that’s completely – it’s – okay, I’m going to go outside again and I’m going to put you on speaker, so at least there’ll be, like, a record of it.


Shit, it – it stopped. Okay, well, that’s –


CLARA: [Screams]


ANNA: – Anna Limon –

AUTOMATED WOMAN’S VOICE: - is not available. At the tone, please record your message.

[Repeated, increasingly distorted.]


YULIA: Hello, I’m calling for Mabel Martin – this is Doctor Yulia Antonova, I work in the ICU at [censored]. According to our records, you’re the next of kin for a Sally Martin? We’d like to have a chat with you, if possible, so if you could drop in to [censored] at some point, or call the unit on extension [censored], that would be great. Thank you.


CLARA: Nola, it’s me again. Em. I can’t believe you’re not answering your phone still. Me and Muffins are in my mom’s room. I pushed the wardrobe up against the door, and the dressing table up against the wardrobe, and I’m hiding under the bed. I don’t even care that I sound like an actual lunatic. There is something fucking weird going on at that house, Nola. I don’t just mean all the stuff you hear as a kid, all the haunted house, scary-old-recluse- lady crap, I mean – I was out there in the garden, you know? I was looking up at the house when that music started playing, and I saw – I think I saw – it was – the attic lights were on again, and I – there was a girl up in the attic window. Not the old lady’s nurse, I know what she looks like, this was someone different. She put one hand up against the window, I thought – I thought maybe she was asking me for help, right? But she started laughing, her teeth were, I think they were pointed, she – she, like, drew one finger across her throat.

I know what you’re going to say. There’s no way I could have seen all that from my garden, no way I could have seen her teeth, that house is like half a mile away. But I did, and – she saw me too, I am positive she did.

When I –

When I was little I used to have these weird recurring nightmares about a woman trapped in a well. She’d say please, Claire, you can get me out, you just have to lean over, just a little bit more, just put your hand down into the water, just climb down into the dark, and –

Oh my god, there’s a car pulling up to the house. I am not kidding, I am literally about to be murdered, I – I’m going to go take a picture of the license plate out the window and send it to you. It’s your job to get this shit to the police, okay? I’m going to hold you to that, I swear, I will haunt you for the next seven million years, God, you asshole.

I’m at the curtains, I’m –

Is –
Oh my god, you stupid – you bitch, I swear to –

Nola! I am going to kill you! I am actually going to eat your face! Don’t give me that look –


OFFICER: Miss Limon, this is Officer Jameson from the King’s County Police Department. We’ve received a report from Mona Jenkins that you haven’t been responding to her messages. If you could give me a call at 555-3024 we can get this cleared up for you ladies. You have a nice day, now.


[Singing, distortion, two girls laughing]


Mabel is written and produced by Becca De La Rosa. The voice of Clara was Nicola Kavanagh. The voice of Mona was Cara De La Rosa. The voice of Lauren was Jane Barron. The voice of Justine was Jen Barron. The voice of Dr. Yulia Antonovna was Catya Winter. The voice of Officer Jameson was Lane Lloyd, creator of Sable, one of our favourite sister audio dramas. As always, the voice of Mabel Martin is [censored], and the voice of Anna Limon is Becca De La Rosa. The music in this episode was by Ars Sonor, Bladiator, and Morse, and all of it is available to download on the free music archive at For more information about Mabel, including links to our guest actors’ websites, a full tracklist, and transcripts for each episode, visit us online at, or on Twitter, @podcastmabel. Thank you so much to our wonderful listeners for bearing with us while we tried to make season two as alarming and eerie as possible. We love you like the dark earth loves blood.