Mabel, episode 4.5: The Message. In which nothing further is revealed.


MABEL: Hi, you’ve reached Mabel Martin. I’m not here to take your call right now, so please leave a message after the beep. Thanks!


ANNA: I woke up this morning, and found –

I woke up this morning and found a piece of paper on the pillow next to me. All scrumpled up into a ball, gone yellow with age. It looks like it was torn from a book of ballads, but it’s just a fragment – everything on the page has been scratched out with black pen, except these lines:

The queen of Elfan she cried out
And wild as the wind was she:
“Woe betide her ill-starred face,
An ill death may she die.”

“Had I known, Thomas,” said she,
“a maid would ransom thee,
I’d have taken out thy two grey eyes
And put in two eyes of tree.

“Had I but known, Thomas,” she said,
Thomas, if I had known,
I’d have taken out your beating heart
And put in a heart of stone.”

There’s a little mark here, too, it looks – like half of an infinity sign, or like a bird drawn just as a silhouette, or maybe an M. M for Martin? M for Mabel? I –


I had a dream about a tunnel. Stone in a circle, torches in brackets on the wall, everything black and red, everything flickering. There were bones under my feet and they crunched when I walked. Little bones, like bird-bones, or ossicles, maybe, the tiny bones of the human ear. Someone had written the word ‘listen’ on the tunnel wall in black paint, or black blood, I don’t know. I walked and walked until I came to a junction, three roads laid out in a fork ahead of me. What’s the name for that? A trivia. Tri via, it must be Latin. The tunnel on the left was marked by a sign that read “Faithlessness”. The tunnel on the right had a sign that read “Fear”. The tunnel in the middle said – I have to get this right. It said “the cage in the hill is a cage of bone.” I stood there for hours, maybe, but in the end I chose –



Mabel will be back with a full episode on Tuesday the 1st of November. Until then, be safe, celebrate responsibly, and have a very happy, very haunted Halloween.